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Our 2004-05 Year

Staff 2004-05

Board And Staff (L-R): Bill Bodman, Secretary-Treasurer; Mary Hadfield, Receptionist; Bob Filuk, President; Bev Klym, Administrative Assistant; Milt McLean, Vice-President; Hugh Arklie, Executive Director; Terry Morrow, Distribution Centre Manager

The benefactor of the Thomas Sill Foundation could not have imagined how his decision to “create an entity for charitable purposes” would unfold over the years.

Tom Sill expected the revenue from his estate to be disbursed to charities, but he could not have foreseen the additional philanthropy that was made possible by his decision.

In the fulfillment of his instruction, the Thomas Sill Foundation made cash grants to 91 charities throughout Manitoba in our 2004 – 05 year. They totalled $1,003,366. Approximately 57% of this amount served rural and northern Manitobans. The remaining 43% was awarded in Winnipeg. These grants ranged from $500 to $50,000. On an annualized basis the average grant was $10,300. Each grant is described in this report.

Unlikely to have been contemplated by Mr. Sill, but certainly in keeping with the philanthropic mission of the Foundation, the following projects are ongoing:

Community Foundations of Manitoba
Youth-in-Philanthropy, Manitoba
Gifts-in-Kind, Manitoba
Prairie Churches Project
Prairie Icons Project
Friends of Elmwood Cemetery
Epsom Recycling

Descriptions of these activities can be found by clicking on “Programs / Projects”.

It is always a pleasure to work with many of Manitoba’s fine charities.

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