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Our 2005-06 Year

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Board And Staff (L-R): Bev Klym, Administrative Assistant; Bill Bodman, Secretary-Treasurer; Hugh Arklie, Executive Director; Bob Filuk, President; Milt McLean, Vice-President; Mary Hadfield, Receptionist

The great joy of the Thomas Sill Foundation is working with the good people of Manitoba who pursue those philanthropic efforts that make this such a fine place to live. The Foundation was endowed by the late Thomas Sill 19 years ago, but it is empowered by the charitable organizations who deliver a wide range of services and benefits to Manitobans.

In our 2005 – 06 year cash grants were made to 105 charities in the amount of $1,253,732. It was our pleasure to personally meet most of these charities at their place of business in Winnipeg or in rural and northern Manitoba.

Approximately 60% of these cash grants, by dollar amount, were awarded in Winnipeg with 40% being invested in rural and northern Manitoba. Individual grants ranged in size from $500 to $100,000 including some multiple year awards. On an annualized basis the average grant was $9,500. Please click on “Annual Report” to review each of these grants.

The core activity of the Thomas Sill Foundation is cash grants. However, we have derived much satisfaction from the following projects:

Community Foundations of Manitoba
Youth-in-Philanthropy, Manitoba
Gifts-in-Kind, Manitoba
Prairie Churches Project
Prairie Icons Project
Friends of Elmwood Cemetery
Epsom Recycling

Descriptions of these activities can be found by clicking on “Programs / Projects”.

As we enter our 20th year we look forward to supporting the invaluable work of Manitoba’s philanthropic sector.

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