Tyndall Ukrainian Orthodox Church,
TUOC has been operating since 1933 and is designated as a municipal historic site. It is the last remaining church out of six that operated in the Tyndall area. It was built by volunteers and is a testament to the faith and commitment of early pioneers that came from Ukraine. This grant helps towards the renovation of the church.
The Service Battalion Senate, Inc., Winnipeg
TSBSI provides support and guidance for the Combat Service Support Museum, some financial support for the Winnipeg Grenadiers Cadet Corps and donations to military-related causes or organizations. This grant assists with the research and development of a short documentary about Camp Hughes.
The Vintage Locomotive Society Inc. Winnipeg
VLS operates the Prairie Dog Central Railway. This is a 1900 era vintage steam train pulled by an 1882 steam locomotive with 5 coaches. It has operated for 52 years and annually carries over 12,000 people (Manitobans and tourists) to Grosse Isle, Manitoba. Our grant helps towards the refurbishment of the former CN Emerson station which was acquired from the province in 2012 and moved to Grosse Isle.
Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada Inc., Winnipeg
RAMWCI has grown to be one of the country's largest aviation museums. This museum is home to an extensive collection of aircraft ranging from transport to military, private and commercial, as well as thousands of aviation artifacts. This grant is to help implement a cloud-based collections management database that includes a public user facing platfor
Paroissee Saint Joachim de La Broquerie,
PSJB serves the RM of La Broquerie, an area of 7,000 people as well as residents of St. Labre and Woodridge, Manitoba. It is a designated French language parish. The Parish church was built in 1901 and was designated as a Municipal Designated heritage building in 2000. This grant helps to replace the rope and pulley system to ring the bell on the church and includes installing LED lights to illuminate the steeple at night and make it visible from a distance.
Societe historique de Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg,
SHSB is a community archives facility whose mission is to acquire, preserve and promote the francophone and Metis heritage of Western Canada, with a particular focus on Manitoba. The SHSB operates the Centre du patimoine, a well-equipped state-of-the-art archival facility with over 730 archival fonds dating from the early Red River Settlement era up to present day, all documenting the francophone and Metis experience of the West. This grant helps towards an archival project which aims to inventory, identify, and prioritize sharing of indigenous language materials, as well as to support efforts in language revitalization and cultural reclamation
St. Boniface Museum, Winnipeg,
SBM's purpose is to collect, preserve, research, and interpret a collection of artifacts relating to Western Canada's French-Canadian and Metis heritage. The Museum's operations are in the former Grey Nuns' Convent, the oldest building in Winnipeg, and one of the largest oak log structures in North America. This grant helps towards extensive repairs to the structure's historic wooden character-defining elemen
Heritage Winnipeg
HW is a charitable organization mandated for the conversation of Winnipeg's built heritage. They advocate for the protection, and reuse of heritage properties, along with education, and public service / information provided free of charge. This grant helps towards the publication of their "Winnipeg 150 book" for the 150th anniversary of the city.
Post Road Heritage Group Inc., Emerson,
PRHG has managed the historic Fort Dufferin site since 1993 on behalf of the Province of Manitoba, its official owner. This is a 38-acre parcel of land located on the west bank of the Red River 3 km north of Emerson. This area is of importance to the history of Manitoba and western Canada. This grant helps towards Phase II of their project which includes completion of construction of the Officer's Mess Kitchen, including some interior and exterior work, in addition to landscapin
Corp. du site Historique Monseigneur - Tache, Ste. Genevieve,
CDSHM in the heart of Ste.-Genevieve, features a 105-year-old wooden Historic Church (which dominates the Main Street) and the equally old Museum, a vintage storage building and local cemetery. It is the Tache Municipality's only designated historic site. This grant helps towards the restoration of the church's stained-glass windows
Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society, Winnipeg
MMHS's focus is to promote research of the Mennonite experience, to search out and encourage preservation of historical sites and cemeteries and to establish cairns, markers, and other monuments, to organize public lectures for schools and other organizations and to collect, preserve and exhibit articles and documents of historical value with various Mennonite archives and museums. This grant helps towards creating a 45 minute documentary about the immigration of Mennonites between 1874 and 1880
Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Austin
MAM was incorporated in 1953 with a mission to immerse visitors in rural Manitoba's past, providing context to the present and future of agriculture in Manitoba through collecting, preserving, interpreting and demonstrating Manitoba's agricultural heritage. This grant helps towards installing a protective roof over the Tree Planting Railcar.