Misericordia Health Centre, Winnipeg
The Centre has acquired an ultrasonic bladder scanner.


Misericordia Health Centre, Winnipeg

Misericordia Health Centre, Winnipeg

Aulneau Renewal Centre, Winnipeg
Aurora Family Therapy Centre, Winnipeg
These counseling agencies have purchased equipment necessary for their delivery of service.



Grandview District Community Resource Council
The Council is helping to install a Tele-Health unit at the Grandview Hospital. It will provide information and education online.



Muscular Dystrophy Association, Winnipeg
Various mechanical aids to help with the mobility of people living with muscular dystrophy were purchased.



Youville Centre, Winnipeg
Youville is a community-based health clinic with a specialty in diabetes prevention and treatment. Its facility is being expanded and re-designed.




Concordian Hip and Knee Institute, Winnipeg
A Tele-Health Virtual Clinic will help Concordia deliver its services to rural Manitobans.