Gifts-In-Kind Manitoba

In 1996, the Foundation became a member of Gifts in Kind International. Shortly later, Tom Sill Gifts-in-Kind, Inc. was created to acquire and distribute new and used surplus goods. New items were provided through our membership with Gifts In Kind International. Used commodities were acquired locally from many helpful donors. Products included computers, furniture, clothing, toiletries and so on.



Registered charities paid a modest membership fee and were invited to visit our warehouse to select new or used goods that could be used in their operations. A small administrative fee was assessed on each item to cover our warehousing costs. At its peak in 2006, the program had 361 members.

Unfortunately, our association with Gifts in Kind International became less fruitful as a result of border issues. This, combined with rising costs necessitated the closing of our gifts-in-kind program.

Our gratitude is extended to all our former members and past donors.