Epsom Recycling

Epsom Recycling Inc.

Epsom Recycling Inc.

Epsom (Electronic Products Stewardship Organization of Manitoba) Recycling Inc. was incorporated in September, 2002. This partnership with the Province of Manitoba, Department of Conservation, was developed in response to the growing challenge of discarded electronic appliances.

Large volumes of televisions, radios, video players, cell phones and computers are being dumped in landfill sites. This raises concerns over pollution and the wastage of natural resources. In response, a variety of cash and in-kind donors funded the first collection depots dedicated for electronic equipment. The Foundation invested $25,000. In October, 2002, and subsequent months, this pilot project was delivered in Winnipeg and Stonewall. Over 90 tons of electronic appliances were collected. These goods were either recycled or re-furbished for re-use.

In addition to its practical results, the project has published a large body of statistical data. The written report, including conclusions and recommendations, has been widely circulated.

In 2007, the Foundation joined with Green Manitoba of the Department of Conservation to initiate a permanent system for the recycling of electronic waste. The knowledge gained from the 2002 pilot project has made this possible. A further $25,000, for a total of $50,000 was invested by the Foundation.  The foundation is no longer involved with this project.