1905 – 1986

Mr. Sill lived his entire life in Winnipeg and practiced as a chartered accountant for many years. He was an astute investor who built a fortune which became the basis for the Thomas Sill Foundation.

In his last will, Tom Sill established the foundation which bears his name. His will, a measure of his astuteness, contained only this instruction:

“I have decided to create an entity for charitable purposes.”

Update – December 2023

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from the Thomas Sill Foundation. The Foundation is no longer accepting grant applications.

The Thomas Sill Foundation is winding down its operations by the end of 2023 but Thomas Sill’s legacy of supporting the community will continue.

Moving forward, charitable organizations will be supported by Thomas Sill through endowment funds established at The Winnipeg Foundation and other Manitoba community foundations.

The Thomas Sill Foundation is working with The Winnipeg Foundation and other Manitoba community foundations to support a smooth transition.

More information will be available during the next few months.

Existing Grantees FAQs

1. We applied for a grant that was approved, but not awarded yet, will we still receive our grant?
Yes, all existing grant commitments will be honoured as per the original conditions.

2. We have a multi-year grant; will we still receive our grant and what is the process to get it?
Yes, you will still receive your grant, and you should follow the agreement in place.

3. We submitted an application but have not heard back yet. What is the status of the application?
All grant applications submitted prior to October 31, 2023 will be processed prior to December 31, 2023.

4. We recently received a grant, how do I submit our grant report?
You can continue to send reports to Bev Klym at 204-947-3782 or

5. Who do we contact if we have additional grant-related questions?
Please contact Bev Klym at 204-947-3782 or