Jocelyn House, Winnipeg
This hospice was assisted with the installation of new, energy efficient windows.


Manitoba Cardiac Institute (Reh-Fit) Inc.

Manitoba Cardiac Institute (Reh-Fit) Inc.

Boissevain Communities Pallative Care

Boissevain Communities Pallative Care

Canadian Mental Health Association, Selkirk
A new telephone system for the Interlake branch of the CMHA was funded with this grant.



Boissevain Communities Palliative Care
A sunroom for the pleasure of patients and families has been constructed on the palliative ward at the Boissevain Hospital.



Eveline Place, Selkirk
A new apartment block in Selkirk will provide affordable housing for people living with mental illness.



Madison Memorial Lodge, Winnipeg
New lounge furniture was acquired by Madison, which offers accommodation to folks with a history of mental illness.




Canadian Cancer Society, Manitoba Division
Funding for research, education and prevention is the work of the Society. It is renovating its offices.



Central Speech & Hearing Clinic, Winnipeg
The Clinic serves children and adults who are deaf or hard-of-hearing by offering specialized therapies. This grant helped to acquire new equipment.



Manitoba Families for Effective Autism Treatment, Winnipeg
MFEAT operates a summer camp for children living with autism. A variety of equipment was purchased.



Manitoba Cardiac Institute (Reh-Fit) Inc.
The Reh-Fit offers expert guidance on all aspects of healthy living from a professional and medical staff. This grant was for an automated defibrillator.